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How to access : Your organisation


The steps your organisation must follow to manage safe access to data.


Before you can access the Integrated Data Service (IDS), your organisation needs to have Cloudflare Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) configured on your system network.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a global network that improves the security, performance, reliability and privacy of your internet connection.

Cloudflare RBI is what enables a secure connection to the IDS through a web browser, also known as browser isolation, whilst minimising the configuration changes required by the user to access.

There are no additional costs required to set up Cloudflare RBI.

How to set up Cloudflare for your organisation

All users of the IDS will require Cloudflare RBI to be configured on their network before accessing the platform.

To find out how to start the application process, contact (opens in a new tab) 

If your organisation already has Cloudflare

If your organisation already has Cloudflare RBI configured, you do not need to take any further action.

You can skip this step and follow the steps for Assured Organisational Connectivity (AOC).

Assured Organisational Connectivity (AOC)

Assured Organisational Connectivity (AOC) is an agreement between an organisation and the Integrated Data Service (IDS). It allows researchers to access the IDS from their organisational or remote office space.

An AOC agreement must be in place before you can access IDS.

AOC accreditation requires your organisation to:

  • evidence the controls and processes under which their researchers will access the platform
  • accept responsibility for that access

In return, accredited researchers from your organisation can access the platform quickly with minimal additional administration.

It acts like a "passport" scheme for researchers in the area of Safe Settings.

How to get your organisation accredited

You can start your AOC application straight away, you do not need to have a live project on the Integrated Data Service (IDS).

If your organisation already has an existing Secure Research Service (SRS) AOC agreement, this can be converted into an IDS accreditation.

Email (opens in a new tab)  to:

  • find out if your organisation has an AOC agreement
  • request an application pack
  • ask a question or get further advice

Application timeline

Your application pack contains three forms, two mandatory and one optional.

The mandatory forms are:

  • the overarching Assured Organisational Connectivity Organisational Agreement (AOCOA) to be signed by someone with organisational authority, such as a vice principal or board director
  • Assured Organisational Connectivity Compliance Client (AOCCC), to provide evidence of your organisation’s security and governance controls

To access the Integrated Data Service (IDS) from home, the optional form is required:

  • Assured Remote Access Connectivity Compliance Client (ARACC), to provide evidence of your organisation’s remote access controls

The amount of time it takes to complete accreditation is dependent on the involvement of your organisational stakeholders.

Accreditation requires the input and signatures from:

  • an organisational sponsor
  • senior members of the IT and security team
  • a senior operational owner

This is usually best coordinated by a central research manager or similar.

Email the IDS Customer Support team for more information at (opens in a new tab)