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About the Integrated Data Service (IDS) : Available tooling


A graphic representing the types of tooling available in the Integrated Data Service

The Integrated Data Service (IDS) provides accredited analysts and researchers with a suite of analytical tools.

These are the analytical tools currently available in the IDS and examples of the tooling coming soon. This list is not exhaustive.

Undertaking analysis

Tools available now:

  • Google Vertex Notebooks (based on Jupyter) to write Python and R
  • Google BigQuery to query and manipulate data using Structured Query Language (SQL)

Coming soon:

  • Python coding through Integrated Development Environment (Code - OSS)
  • R coding through Integrated Development Environment (R-Studio)
  • STATA using Google Notebooks
  • Google Vertex AI Workbench
  • Enhancements to Google BigQuery capabilities

Managing code

Tools available now:

  • Source code through Git
  • Packages through Artifactory

Presenting outputs

Coding functionality through R and Python is available now.

Coming soon:

  • Data visualisation through Looker
  • Geospatial analysis through Google BigQuery geospatial capabilities

Email the Integrated Data Service (IDS) Customer Support team for more information at (opens in a new tab)