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Keeping data secure : Your commitment to safe working


To access the Integrated Data Service (IDS) you must be either:

  • an accredited researcher
  • completing the application process to become accredited

Users must have completed the mandatory training as part of the accreditation process.

Once you are accredited and your project is approved, you will have access to the IDS Hub. This is a secure platform where authorised users can access IDS data, products, and services.

You must read, understand and comply with the Security Operating Procedures (SyOPs). The SyOPs outline the rules in place to keep you and the data you access safe.

Access to IDS is only allowed within the UK.

Safe access

By signing your Security Operating Procedure (SyOps), you are committing to working safely by:

  • always logging out of the IDS Hub or locking your screen when you have finished working or step away from your device
  • being aware of others and what they can see when you are accessing data in the IDS Hub – keep it private
  • only accessing the IDS Hub from an approved location within the UK
  • choosing a strong, unique password that is at least eight characters in length and keeping it confidential
  • updating the anti-virus software and software on your device regularly
  • ensuring you are using a secure internet connection
  • reporting any security incidents or threats

Responsible safe working

You must always be aware of the sensitivity of the data you are accessing or working on and the rules on how to handle it. This also applies to your role and the legal responsibilities and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance associated with it.

This includes making sure that you do not:

  • take pictures or videos of your screen whilst using the Integrated Data Service (IDS)
  • print out information from the IDS Hub
  • share your location, for example, by geotagging
  • post or comment sensitive details on social media about the work you do, data you use or other business details

Email security

Do not email information about or available in the Integrated Data Service (IDS) to a personal email account. Copies of emails are left on every email gateway the email passes through to reach your personal account. Information stored on personal devices do not always have the same security protection that information stored on a corporate device will have.

Be aware of phishing emails. They are often very well disguised as legitimate emails to get personal or sensitive information such as:

  • usernames and passwords
  • bank or credit card details
  • confidential information

If you should receive these emails:

  • delete the email without clicking on any links or attachments
  • forward onto your organisation's cyber security team for analysis