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How to access : Your project application


How to fill in your application to get your project accredited.

Getting started

To start your project accreditation application, sign in to the Research Accreditation Service (RAS) (opens in a new tab) 

If you do not yet have an account, register on the RAS website.

  1. Under “Project applications”, select “Start a new Integrated Data Service (IDS) project application”
  2. Read the “Before you begin” overview of the process and select “Continue”.
  3. Select “Not started” to begin working through and entering information for each section of the project application.
  4. As you move through each section, select “Save and continue” to mark a section as complete, or select “Select save and return to overview” to save your progress and return to that section later.

How to add a team member to a project team

  1. On the “Project team” page, select “Add project team member”.
  2. Enter the name, email address or accredited researcher (AR) number of the member you wish to add to the team, then select “Search”.
  3. Select the project role of the team member.
  4. Select “Add to project team”.

You can edit a team member’s project role or remove them from the project through the “Edit” or “Remove” options in the table.

How to upload evidence of the project lead’s agreement to responsibilities

If there is more than one member on the project team, you will need to select a deputy project lead, as well as a project lead and upload evidence of agreement for both members. Read the list of responsibilities for more information (opens in a new tab) .

  1. Check the project lead confirmation of responsibilities box.
  2. Upload an email in the .msg format as supporting evidence, confirming that the leads are aware of and agree to the responsibilities of the role.

How to add a dataset

  1. On the Project datasets page, select “Add dataset”.
  2. Enter the dataset title or any keywords related to the dataset and select “Search”. Alternatively, leave the search field blank and select “Search” to display all available datasets in the catalogue.
  3. Select your dataset.
  4. Fill in the information requested for the chosen dataset and select “Save dataset request”.
  5. Repeat the process to add all datasets required.

If the dataset you require is available in the Integrated Data Service (IDS) but is not listed on the public catalogue, you can upload a document to request it.

How to upload a document

You may need to upload supporting documentation to the project datasets page when:

  • requesting an available dataset that is not visible on the public catalogue
  • providing a variable selection form, if requested by the data owner
  • providing a supplementary form, if requested by the data owner.

To do this, select “Choose file” and upload your document on the Project datasets page. You can provide additional information in the text box about the uploaded document if needed.

How to edit a completed section

  1. Open the completed section you want to edit.
  2. Amend as necessary, then select “Save and continue” to go to the next page in the form.
  3. Continue through the form as required or select “Save and return to overview”.
  4. The section you edited will appear completed on the overview page.

If you select “Save and return to overview” on the page that you edited before selecting “Save and continue”, the section will be marked as in progress instead of completed.

How to submit your application

  1. All sections must be completed to submit an application, when they are completed, select “Review and submit application”.
  2. Select “Submit” at the bottom of the page, if it is not displayed, go back to the project overview and check all section are showing as completed.
  3. If any sections are showing as “In progress” or “Not started”, open the section, select “Save and continue”, then select “Save and return to overview”.

How to respond to a query on an application

If your application has been queried, you will receive an automated email from

To respond:

  1. Sign into your dashboard and select “View application”.
  2. View the sections of the form that have been queried.
  3. Select “Edit” and amend the section as necessary.
  4. Provide additional information in the “Respond to query” text box if required.
  5. Select “Save and continue” to go to the next page in the form.
  6. Continue through the form as required or select “Save and return to overview”.
  7. When you are happy that you have addressed all queries, select “Review and submit application” and then “Submit”.

If the “Submit” button does not appear, you will need to check that all sections (including those you edited) have been marked as complete by using the “save and continue” button.

How to withdraw a submitted application

If you would like to withdraw a submitted application, email (opens in a new tab) 

We will withdraw the application on your behalf.

It is not possible to withdraw an application that has been started but not submitted.

Email the Integrated Data Service (IDS) Customer Support team for more information at (opens in a new tab)