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How to access : Your researcher application


How to fill in your application to become an accredited researcher.

Getting started

To start your application, sign in to the Research Accreditation Service (RAS) (opens in a new tab) 

If you do not yet have an account, register on the RAS website.

  1. Under “Researcher applications”, select “Begin application”.
  2. Read through the requirements and if you are happy that you meet them, select “Start application”.
  3. Answer each of the required questions on the page and submit your application.

Once submitted your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted if there are any queries.

You will then be invited to attend the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Safe Researcher Training (SRT) course and course assessment.

The training is currently Secure Research Service (SRS) branded and delivered by SRS Statistical Support. You will receive communications from SRS Customer Support as well as RAS.

How to upload evidence of previous training

If you have already completed a Safe Researcher Training course and/or assessment with another processor, then you will need to upload evidence of this.

To do this:

1. Sign in to the Research Accreditation Service (RAS) (opens in a new tab) 

2. Under “Researcher accreditations” select “Begin application”.

3. Read through the requirements, and if you are happy that you meet them, select “Start application”.

4. Complete the sector, accreditation type and qualifications sections.

5. Select “Yes” on the safe researcher training and assessment question.

 6. Select the appropriate training, as well as where you completed the training or course and date of completion.

7. Upload evidence of your completed Safe Researcher Training course and/or assessment.

8. Complete the transparency question and submit your application.

Once submitted it will be reviewed and RAS will contact you if there are any amendments needed.

How to respond to a query on an application

If there are any queries about your application, you will receive an automated email from

To respond:

1. Sign into your dashboard and select “Respond to queries”.

2. View the additional information requested, as well as the sections of the form that have been queried.

3. Amend your application as necessary.

4. Provide additional information in the “Query response” box if required.

5. When you are happy that you have addressed all queries, confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions and then select “Resubmit”.

Email the Integrated Data Service (IDS) Customer Support team for more information at (opens in a new tab)